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Pig: antibiotics

The social standard is increasingly shifting and pig farming without antibiotics is the way forward. That is why we strive to completely eliminate antibiotics at Belgian Pork Group.

Frequent use of antibiotics paves the way for antibiotic resistance.We know that this resistance can be transmitted from animals to people. People who are in direct contact with animals such as pig farmers are much more at risk of this transmission. Antibiotic resistance is not only a public health threat. Reducing antibiotics also contributes to a more positive image of our industry.

Antibiotics may only be used if animals are sick. This must be done based on a prescription by a veterinarian. The T&W pig farmer must record all the information in a register.

Specific measures that T&W pig farmers commit to follow:

  • Administration: Antibiotics may only be administered based on a prescription by a vet, and must be limited to individual treatments where possible. Administration in water or feed is dangerous and increases the risks of cross-contamination and/or post-contamination. Belgian Pork Group must always be notified if antibiotics are used.

  • When using antibiotics, pig farmers must adhere to the colour codes as set out by AMCRA. Check the list at

  • Surpluses must be disposed of after the treatment.

  • The T&W pig farmer must observe twice the waiting period for delivering animals to avoid antibiotic residues and ensure that the residues are below the legal limits.

  • Consultations are organised at least every four months with the company vet to discuss the health management plan.


* from weaning age

“As a rule, T&W pigs are not given antibiotics as a preventative measure*.“

Belgian Pork Group