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Our products

Belgian Pork Group – leader in Europe – guarantees pork from a to z: from processing, cutting, freezing, packaging, and labelling to preparing ready-to-cook pork dishes. Belgian Pork Group produces all its pork products in-house and has customers in more than 50 countries around the globe. The consumer wants delicious, high-quality, and fresh food products at every moment of the day.

Trends are identified accurately in order to learn how, when, and why consumers likes to eat. We do not only monitor food trends, but also all knowledge about the best possible delivery, the various packaging options, logistics processes, and like to ensure that a custom range can be offered to each customer.


We delivery fresh pork and ready-to-cook meals to national and international wholesalers from our various sites across Belgium.

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Food Service

Thanks to our flexible organisation, we are able to produce pork tailored to the needs of our customers. All our meat products are prepared with the utmost care to ensure that not only the customer, but also the end consumer can experience the quality of our pork. Health, quality, and convenience are paramount to our food service customers, and our custom products have all these properties. This is what truly distinguishes us in our field.

Slices, blocks, strips, ... discover all our options!

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Feed and pet food

In addition to its role as a market leader in the production of fresh pork, Belgian Pork Group is also known as a high-quality and leading producer of raw materials and semi-finished products for the pet food and feed industry. Thanks to our ongoing focus on the greatest possible quality and retracing, we are able to sell sustainable and innovative by-products.

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Fresh & healthy pork​

Each piece has a nice, dark colour and a distinctive character (with more intramuscular fat). Fresh, delicious, and healthy. Cared for and prepared with the greatest focus on animal welfare and food safety. That is DéliPorc. Our pork has an exceptionally refined flavour, created through years of scientific research in cooperation with ILVO for the right selection of Duroc genetics and custom feed.

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