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Product: taste

Many people believe that the good taste of a cut of pork is entirely the chef’s doing. But Belgian Pork Group and the T&W pig farmers know all too well that other factors such as the pig breed and the environment also play a crucial role in the taste of the pork.

Belgian Pork Group actively promotes Belgian pork by focussing on taste, texture and dripping loss. This involves internal and external testing with a professional audience, as well as several consumer tests.

Thanks to the daily efforts of pig farmers, who adhere to the various topics of this roadmap, we succeed in marketing products with the right taste, securing the future of the farmer and the processor. Each month, Belgian Pork Group gives all its pig farmers* the opportunity to taste a selection of its flavoursome products.

Use of fishmeal
Fishmeal has a specific odour/taste that pigs like. Fishmeal has a positive effect on feed intake and growth, both in young animals and in fattening pigs. The omega-3 fatty acids in this fishmeal can improve the fatty acid composition of meat, which in turn can have beneficial health effects for humans. Fishmeal can, however, impart a strong oily or fish flavour to the meat when mixed at high percentages (more than 7%). That is why the quantity must be limited to a maximum of 3% for fattening pigs at the end of the fattening period.

* PROPIGS members

“All the efforts in this T&W roadmap are geared to one common goal: outstanding taste, created with the greatest care!”

Belgian Pork Group