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Product: PSE

PSE stands for Pale, Soft and Exudative. This is pale, soft meat with a low water-binding capacity. These properties must be avoided at all cost.
The main cause of PSE is stress in pigs. PSE can be detected by measuring the meat’s pH.

Belgian Pork Group strives to avoid PSE at any cost, together with all its T&W pig farmers. Stress-free pigs produce higher quality and tastier meat.

Specific measures that T&W pig farmers commit to taking:

  • Where possible, the pigs are kept together, in groups.
  • If possible, the pigs are moved to another barn in advance.
  • When loading: make sure that pigs are exposed to as few stimuli as possible that can cause stress, including bright light, wind and noise.
  • While loading, keep the pigs in groups.
  • The pigs have sufficient play material in their barns.

"Consumers have become much more critical about quality and how their food is produced. The sustainability aspect, i.e., animal welfare, health and the environment, play an increasingly important role in this. The industry will have to focus on producing a quality end product, that also meets the required sustainability standards."

Liesbeth Vermeulen - animal welfare specialist Belgian Pork Group