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Our commitments

Pig: uniform pricing system

At Belgian Pork Group, we believe in the fair and correct remuneration of T&W pig farmers. To determine the value of the delivered pigs, we have developed a transparent system that is easy to understand and that is applied across all the sites of the Belgian Pork Group. The system is directive to ensure that the required weights, qualities, labels etc. are delivered and reimbursed to the greatest possible extent.

The pillars on which this is based:

  • Basic price: Belgian Pork Group always communicates this in the week prior to delivery.
  • Objective measurements: The meat quality of each carcase is scanned automatically with great accuracy using the AutoFom3 system, which is installed at each of our sites.
  • Weight checks: The weights are recorded with calibrated instruments, no later than 45 minutes after butchering the pig (in accordance with the legal presentation)
  • Supplements: Transparent supplement system that takes into account meat quality (based on AutoFom3), weight labels, batch size and accuracy.
  • Data exchange: Detailed information about the delivered pigs is provided to the T&W pig farmer within 7 days.
  • Payment: Payment is made to the pig farmer 7 days after delivery.

“Fair is fair. At Belgian Pork Group, 1 kg is equal to 1,000g.”

Henk Hindryckx - Plant manager Westvlees