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Our commitments

Pig: happy environment

T&W pig farmers and Belgian Pork Group make every effort to reduce the animals’ stress levels. The route that a pig must follow to the loading bay is checked every three months. Any unnecessary stimuli such as draught, shadow, noise and sharp parts must be evaluated and adapted.

The T&W pig farmer can use a decibel meter on his smartphone to check whether the emitted sound remains below 85 dB(A).

Belgian Pork Group prefers climate-controlled transport. This prioritises the health and safety of the pigs, and protects them against bad weather, wind and external stimuli.
Belgian Pork Group has urged the authorities to outline a European regulatory framework for this in which climate-controlled transport is mandatory for longer distances.

Skin damage and how pigs move are all indicators of the quality of the transport. But that’s not all. Upon arrival on the Belgian Pork Group sites, we also aim to make the experience as stress-free as possible. This is evaluated monthly.

“The pig’s stress level directly influences the taste of the meat.A stress-free environment is vital for our animals.”

Belgian Pork Group