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Pig: happy environment

We have already taken several measures during the past decades to improve the housing climate in the pig industry. This has led to an improvement in production results, health and behaviour. But also to tasty and healthy meat as we know it today.

Striking the right balance between sufficient ventilation for a good housing climate and excessive energy costs and ammonia emissions is an art.

The T&W roadmap clearly endorses the current legal directives:

  • Light: the light in the stables must respect the natural day and night rhythm of the pigs. Pigs must be kept in light for at least 8 hours a day and the light intensity should be at least 40 lux. Humans can easily read and distinguish colours in this light.
  • Ventilation: breeders can choose between natural or mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation means an alarm system is required. An emergency procedure must be in place in the event of a long- term power outage. This is tested monthly. The environment around the T&W pigs must be ventilated continuously, with ammonia emissions limited to 20 ppm.
  • Temperature: the barns must be sprayed regularly in extreme heat (> 30°C). There must be sufficient nipples available so that every pig can consume enough water.

“The ventilation, lighting and heating of the barns determines the housing climate. Farmers must comply with the current strict legal standards.”

Belgian Pork Group