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Marcel - Cutting Hall

The new and safe bolero vests show that the Belgian Pork Group continues to invest in our safety.

Today, I got to meet Marcel Vansuypeene, a 51-year-old (and very enthusiastic) employee at Cutting Hall 1. This highly motivated butcher has worked at Westvlees for 21 years now. Before this, he was a butcher in France, his country of origin. Get to know Marcel by reading the brief report of our pleasant chat.

Marcel, what brought you to Westvlees?

As the father of three, I soon noticed that it was easier to bring home the bacon, so to speak, if I started working in Belgium. It is and remains the fact that we earn more in Belgium than in my home country. Additionally, I get my weekends off. If I were to work as a butcher in France, this would not be the case. I became introduced to Westvlees by my half-brother, who was working here at the time. My son Baptiste also started working here a year ago; at the pre-packaging department.

And the commute, doesn't that make things difficult?

No, certainly not, Westvlees is so close to the border it doesn't really make that much difference. It’s only 35 minutes by car. Also, I don't have to drive every day: I carpool with my co-worker Jacky.

We recently introduced a new bolero safety vest. What’s your opinion on it?

This vest is proof that the Belgian Pork Group thinks about and invests in the safety of its workers. Thanks to the protective arm, it is now impossible to sustain injuries. Although this bolero vest weighs 2 kg more than the chain mail shirt we previously had, it is better distributed across the body, which is also more ergonomic for us. Additionally, it can be cleaned much faster and easier. 

Did you know that this bolero safety vest is a Belgian product?

No, I didn’t! That’s good to hear.

After this little chat, which was very interesting for me, I am curious to find out whose story I will be able to share with you next week. Did you know that the partition on the photograph is also a new safety measure? This will prevent accidental injury to the co-worker working next to you. Isn’t that a great solution? Hope to catch you next week!