Our testimonials

Geert - Truck driver

A new project within the Belgian Pork Group gave me the opportunity to do the work that I enjoy doing today.

This week, I joined one of our 25 truck drivers on the job: Geert. Geert is enthusiasm personified. You would think that he spends all day basking in the sun, but no: this is just how Geert is. He has been part of our team of truck drivers for two years now.  Before he started this job, he was a machine operator at our Case Ready pre-packaging department for three years.

Geert, how did you end up becoming a truck driver?
The Belgian Pork group was seeking a truck driver from his own region for its new ‘Around the Church Spire’ project. The intention was to supply customers in the region, or to provide assistance in case of possible shortages. Additionally, you can reach the customers much faster with this cooled truck, and it is more environmentally friendly! I was contacted by Francky, a co-worker who works as a representative at the Belgian Pork Group. And so I left my former department. Francky is actually a former acquaintance, but now that I have this job we talk to one another quite frequently again.

So, what does your day look like exactly?
I usually start at around 5 or 6 a.m., depending on the planning. The various customers are supplied with their goods. The end time is reasonably variable. If I have any time left, I also collect spare parts or technical components. I drive around 70,000 to 80,000 km a year, including in non-professional travel. 

Are you ever nervous on the road?
No, that doesn't help at all and it’s not good for you either. We pay a lot of attention to safety, and that is certainly a part of this. You have to keep calm, both on the road and off.

Do you often supply the same customers on account of the project?
I certainly do. You build up a good relationship with many of your customers after some time. You notice that they are very happy to see you, particularly when something goes wrong. That is really obvious from the photograph you just took at the Lamon catering business. 

So, everything has been delivered at the shops. What’s next, Geert?
Oh, there is still so much work to do. I’ll start by cleaning the truck at our car wash. You couldn’t imagine better weather for this than today, wouldn’t you say?