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Our testimonials

Corinne - Assistant line manager

Seeing our products on the retailers’ shelves the next day guarantees the freshness our customers want.

A new week, a new introduction to a colleague. Just now, I gave the floor to Corinne, a employee who works as an assistant line manager in our Westvers department. The ice between us was quickly broken, because Corinne also has the same interest as myself: photography! With her critical eye, she happily approved her portrait photo.

Corinne, what exactly does an assistant line manager do?

As assistant line manager, I am responsible for making sure our products get to the shop correctly. This means that the checks on label prices, gas content, best-before dates, contents of the trays and visuality of the trays must be correct. I am not responsible for 1 particular line, but do the checks on the lines as required.

Did you start immediately as assistant line manager?

No, when I started working here eight years ago I started working as a packer. Over time, I progressed to assistant line manager and then to line manager. You can easily recognise us in the hall by the caps we wear, grey for assistant line manager and bordeaux for line managers.

How fresh are the products when they are in the shop?

We can take the beef brochettes as an example, which is 1 of our 6 brochettes. Early in the morning, they are cut and marinated in the Case Ready department. Around 9am, they are delivered in to us. We make sure they are presented together with the peppers on a barbecue rack, before being packed and labelled. At 2 pm, the truck is ready to leave for the shop depots. Those shop depots in turn deliver all the goods to be fresh in the shop the following day. Production on day A and already in the shop on day B, it doesn't get any fresher than that! And then to see the products in the shop that you helped to produce, that makes you very proud!

A great weekend is coming up Corinne, any idea how many hours of brochettes making are planned?

A lot I believe.

Indeed, 17 hours for today, but fortunately this will be divided over the various lines. There will be feasting this weekend!