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Our commitments

AI analyses Belgian Pork Group's animal welfare

The camera system continuously monitors all animals brought onto the site and ensures they are treated appropriately. These images are then assessed by Belgian Pork Group's animal welfare experts (animal protection officers). Following this, the feedback from these experts is used to further train the AI models.

By automating the video image monitoring, checks are carried out more efficiently and effectively. Animal protection officers can quickly detect any anomalies, enabling the company to intervene rapidly, provide training and monitor how situations evolve. 

A strong partnership 
This AI pilot forms part of the Taste & Welfare programme that the company has been promoting since 2016. The programme brings together a number of (innovative) projects that seek to make improvements for people, animals, the planet and, of course, the product. Belgian Pork Group aspires to perfect this new system and subsequently roll it out at other production sites.